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Spend sometime with your thoughts.

The world is moving really fast, Thank you Technology! But there’s something much faster and you don’t really need technology to realize what it is! Your thoughts!

‘Nothing beats the speed of thought’ they say. The problem is holding on to one of them. They hit you everyday; on topics that know no boundaries. But then, they’re like stones, lying around everywhere. You don’t really bend down to pick one and shape it into something beautiful!

That’s because you’re too busy! And the number of thoughts that go through your mind is huge. By the time you start pondering over one of them, the enormous world outside, and sometimes your own mind, has already seeded another one into your head!

Holding on requires focusing our energies into it, playing around with it, moulding it like clay and delving into its depths.

With a little practice, you realize that the fun is in quality and not in the quantity. Polish one thought, just one, everyday and present it to somebody. It’s a gift that nothing in the world pars to it’s brilliance. And who knows? You might just get something better in return!

From the heart of the victim…

Prologue: I came up with these lines while writing for a poetry competition,though I never participated there. The desire to be different led me to this headline Daughter raped by father…

Jo sharir tera hi ansh hai, usi ki numaish kar baitha tu…
Aey manav kya kiya tune? Daanav bankar baitha tu…

Jhijak na uthi tere mann me jab mai chikhi thi chilaayi thi?
Tere aise roop ko dekhkar aankh meri jab bhar aayi thi?

Pehli baar jab uthaya tha god me, kya tab bhi aise hi muskaya tha?
Yeh ghinauna khel tera kya tab hi tune rachaya tha?

Just another misconception about me…

Sometimes its really frustrating to see everyone believe in you so much. And its really an understatement to say that they believe me. They overestimate me. Its twelve hours to our first mid term paper. I’m here, writing this, while almost everyone else is at the least trying to study.

Don’t be silly! I haven’t completed my syllabus. Hell! I don’t even perfectly know everything that it includes. I’m just bored. Some thing’s ┬áreally wrong, and I can’t figure out what. But there’s one thing I’ve figured. People seriously think that I’m some kind of a freak who can cover up most of my studies in just one night!

This day, That year…


I have been wanting to write from a long time, ever since my last post I’ve been wanting that silence and peace more than ever… I guess it took me a long time to realize where to find it… 

3rd January, 2010:

My Facebook status said, 
Grant me the senility to forget the people I never liked anyway, The good fortune to run into the ones I do, and The eyesight to tell the difference.” 

You know, I must have read this somewhere.But the moment I read it, I knew I wanted this to be true. I meant it every word when I reread it again and again. And it must be one of those moments, when He grants you what you ask for. It was my good fortune that I ran into the right comrades without whom my journey the last year would not have brought me where I stand now, for they were the ones who guided & assisted me, showed their faith in me, laughed & danced during the light moods, lent me a shoulder during the ‘not so’ light ones. 

Comrades new and comrades old, The old ones never seemed to get weary of me. They’d been with me in those times when Vivek Todi was not exactly the same as you see today. And the new ones? They were and still are those who help me help myself stay insanely sane and stable through everything this year has shown me. 

This year I also learnt that I can forget those close friends whom I don’t want to like anymore, And I must confess I do not remember any valid reason for not liking them anymore other than the fact that I do not like them anymore. I have been successful enough in staying away from unfriendly, unwanted & selfish associations I had been trying to get out of. And this itself was my first step in learning to difference between the good and the bad. I began to calculate.

It’s not that I’ve been always very calculative about my associations, mind you I do not speak of my relations over here only associations! I believe relations are far above than petty calculations. Speaking in terms of business logic, a relation is a business where you simply enjoy the transaction without worrying about the profit or loss.  As for associations, I’ve been calculative about them this year. 

But the real achievement wasn’t about becoming calculative, the achievement was learning when to stop these calculations. Things change when time passes by, associations turn into needs, passions and commitments to die for. And that’s where it all stops, all the calculations come to an end. 

It’s like knowing when you’ve fallen in love… And then you know where to steer…

When you’re ‘nobody’ and wanna be a ‘somebody’ someday… Make sure you don’t become ‘anybody’

Don’t stop yourself!

Others can stop you temporarily, only you can do it permanently.

There’s a difference between you and me… You look for opportunities… I make my own…

Ignorance and acceptance are two qualities of our society that have led us to the loss of our ethics and values…

To love, To express & To commit are 3 totally different things!

He who can sell anything will earn enough to buy everything!

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