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A gem of blinding brilliance…

A diamond is just another stone, except the fact that it went through a lot of pressure, cutting and friction to stand apart from the rest…

Adi NaikarAditi Naikar, or simply Adi Naikar as she always wants us to call her, is one such gem. She’s more but my vocabulary simply fails me here.

Once I had the chance to go through her CV. And realized that excellence is not a one day miracle, but an ongoing process to perform better. An Athlete, Sportsman, Dancer, Artist, Writer, Best student, the list simply goes on…

And what is the secret to all this? Being consistent with whatever she works at. She may be confused for directions at times, but is never hesitant to ask for help. Her humility and politeness make it impossible to deny her whenever she asks for help. Back in graduation days, We all saw how hard working she has always been. And now doing her PG, we are witnessing her eagerness to take up new challenges.

The most notable quality about Aditi? She’s dead honest with her family. And I really admire her for it. She’s constantly in touch with her family, updating her whereabouts and events. Never has she misused the privileges which come when you stay away from home.

The friend of friends, Adi would be the last person in your circle you’d want to hurt. It’d be a crime to do so! She’s the one who always takes care of everyone. All I can say is she has always been the string without which so many beads would have been lying scattered rather than forming something beautiful.

And after writing so much about her, I still wonder is this the ‘dumb’ Adi who hangs around with us always and never gets anything out of our jokes? Beats me! But there’s something awe inspiring about this girl which just can’t be missed!

My papa strongest!

Omprakash Roopchand Todi

I think writing about my father will be the most easiest as well as the most difficult challenge for me. Here I go…

I thank my buddy Bhumika Patel for going through this write up minutely and pointing the corrections. 🙂 Thanks Bhumi!

“Apan bhale hi kitne bhi baap aadmi ban jayenge, apne baap ke baap kabhi nahi ban sakte” 

This was a line that bubbled up during one of my brainstorms with my buddies… And we could never agree less to it. 

Whenever I write my name down as ‘Vivek Omprakash Todi’, I cannot help smiling at the fact that a major portion of my name is actually Him. His sense of humor, ability to honestly convince people for all that is right, to laugh at himself, to give it straight into the face are only a few of the qualities I have inherited from him…

But it’s not about what I’ve inherited from him, it’s about those minutes habits of his which contribute to making him the most desirable company to me. Even at his age, he still has that ‘thirst’ for knowledge. I guess he uses Wikipedia 10 times more than I’ve done. Not to mention his prior knowledge of the subject, and hence he always knows what he wants from the internet. History has always been his favorite subject, apart from mathematics. And he takes it to the next level by not simply learning about facts about the past but also the psychological aspects of leaders and our ancestors.

His profession is his passion. And yes, every happy man at his age is happy only because they’re in love with their work. Though it may be taxing, frustrating at times, it hardly comes out on his face the hard way. Most of the times when he shares his daily experience with us at home, Its difficult to believe that such grave incidents can be narrated so lightly. When he tells people about his profession, He describes it as a profession that’s true to his name. The profession of Light.

There are times when I let him and myself down, and here too he sticks to his name and spreads light into the darkness. His favorite tool is faith. Faith he says is the most powerful tool since it can beget all other virtues that u need to be happy. And by experience, I believe him. I believe in him for everything.

He’s the one who made me realize how special our last name is, Todi. And those who know me, know how much it matters to me. He’s always been and will forever be my ideal. And finally, one line that suits him the best…

“Life smiles at those who know how to laugh at life in the face… “
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