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Thank you!

It’s good to take a walk down the memory lane once in a while. It reminds you of the person you once were and it lets you reflect on what you’ve become today. It lets you measure how far have you come and see what you’ve left behind.

For wanderers like me, taking a stroll like this reminds me of the beautiful time I have spent in my past with people that only a few in my company today can match. But such people have always been a handful! Like those rare gems one stumbles upon in pitch black darkness! These are the people who make you feel like a titan! Incidents and accidents, laughter and tears, victory and defeat – everything seemed so small!

My memories are mails I sent to people and their gracious replies, photographs? Yes! But not so many. A minute or two with them tells me about the things that life was going through in those days, misbeliefs and prejudices – feelings and emotions – likes and dislikes. Like a whole month squeezed into a minute, time flashes by. Leaving me overwhelmed with nostalgia!

This is to all those wonderful people who have contributed in making my life the beautiful piece of art it is today!

I may not meet you, call you, write to you anymore! But I respect you for the┬árole you played in my life, I would have missed something if you hadn’t! Thank you for being there!

Who moved my teachers?

I’ve been reading about Swami Vivekananda since a couple of days, and now I realize I have so more much to read apart from my course textbooks! In the introduction of Vivekananda, I read that he had been offered the chair of Eastern Philosophy at Harvard and a similar post at Columbia.

Honestly, It is really not very surprising that Vivekananda was offered this post. The fact that intrigues me is Harvard, which is a 376 year old university (Yes! WOW!), and similar universities have been taking initiatives to absorb great people since hundreds of years, whereas universities in India including our favorite IITs & IIMs are always at the mercy of ‘Visiting Faculties’ from the industries to come once a week and tut their students.

Apart from the IITs and IIMs, almost every other college is struggling to get a handful of teachers for each of there courses, and mind you we’re not talking about good teachers or bad teachers over here! I wonder what are the reasons for such deficiency?

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