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Spend sometime with your thoughts.

The world is moving really fast, Thank you Technology! But there’s something much faster and you don’t really need technology to realize what it is! Your thoughts!

‘Nothing beats the speed of thought’ they say. The problem is holding on to one of them. They hit you everyday; on topics that know no boundaries. But then, they’re like stones, lying around everywhere. You don’t really bend down to pick one and shape it into something beautiful!

That’s because you’re too busy! And the number of thoughts that go through your mind is huge. By the time you start pondering over one of them, the enormous world outside, and sometimes your own mind, has already seeded another one into your head!

Holding on requires focusing our energies into it, playing around with it, moulding it like clay and delving into its depths.

With a little practice, you realize that the fun is in quality and not in the quantity. Polish one thought, just one, everyday and present it to somebody. It’s a gift that nothing in the world pars to it’s brilliance. And who knows? You might just get something better in return!

From the heart of the victim…

Prologue: I came up with these lines while writing for a poetry competition,though I never participated there. The desire to be different led me to this headline Daughter raped by father…

Jo sharir tera hi ansh hai, usi ki numaish kar baitha tu…
Aey manav kya kiya tune? Daanav bankar baitha tu…

Jhijak na uthi tere mann me jab mai chikhi thi chilaayi thi?
Tere aise roop ko dekhkar aankh meri jab bhar aayi thi?

Pehli baar jab uthaya tha god me, kya tab bhi aise hi muskaya tha?
Yeh ghinauna khel tera kya tab hi tune rachaya tha?

Ignorance and acceptance are two qualities of our society that have led us to the loss of our ethics and values…

Forget terrorist attacks, Save Mumbai from this media!

Catch this!

They say that Water Woes and Motormen strikes have overshadowed the Kasab Verdict. What’s wrong in that? Get stuck away from home at the end of a tiring day, with the temperature and humidity levels soaring high, and any Kasab verdict would be the last thing that hits your mind.

And there the common man is strangled in a jeopardy as motormen go on a hunger strike, which cut off Mumbai’s lifelines. Who is to blame? Didn’t the common man already know about the warnings given out by the motormen? Ah ha! Caught you there! If you happened to switch on your idiot box to find out about this pre-warned ‘strike’, you’d only see one AND ONLY ONE news in the air! 

‘Kasab ka Hisaab’, ‘Kasab’s Judgement day!’… Our media has a flare for overdosing particular topics to sell their shows… Be it Sania & Shoaib’s wedding or Sachin’s Birthday…

Oh yes, these are hot topics I must say… Who is not interested in discussing these topics? Almost every local train commuter must have once or twice discussed such topics with his neighbor during the perilous local train journey… And kasab’s case could have become the most gossiped about topic too! 

The only trouble was we did not have trains today… Everybody was very eager to catch their usual locals, to sit or stand or hang out with their group of daily commuters & talk about Kasab… Alas! Had they known that the Strike was going to be so severe… If at all any of the news channels had flashed atleast once that there’s a possibility of these strikes reaching a high intensity level… if at all the media actually cared for something that makes a bolder impact on the lives of the common man…

Long live Freedom of Speech & Expression… Long live Free media! 

Stepping out of Economic Growth to step into Ethical Growth…


We all start the new year with a few hopes for ourselves… A few promises to others & sometimes ourselves too… That’s all… As soon as the new year week is over… We’re all on the same tracks again… No worries… We’re like that… Everyone is…

You read the ‘Economic Times’, and you find out that India is progressing… Oh yes, didn’t you know that? Everyone says so… They say our GDP (Whatever that means!) is very close to 8%, they say we’re being preferred over China in the US board rooms… We’ve overcome the Global economic meltdown faster than any of the countries… etc etc etc… Alright… 

But aren’t we just growing economically? Where is all this growth going? In the hands of the Government? Top 400 CEOs of the country? Is it doing something good for the common man? Isn’t it supposed to do good for the common man?

Yes, we are growing… Daily commodities are being sold at rates that look like 6 times the daily wage of a mason or a sweeper… You cannot tell the difference between the number of T-shirts being sold in a shop at Fashion Street and the number of suicides being attempted… People want more and more partitions in the country, new states… Yes… We are definitely growing, aren’t we?

Its time we did something new this year… Its time we extend our hands to those who need it… Find someone today…

Yes, We’ve got ourselves a great HRD minister.

“I want to get rid of coaching classes by 2011.” ~ Kapil Sibal
Kapil Sahab, I really appreciate your sense of humor! With all due respect, I understand that your statement is simply meant to lighten up everyone’s mood in this festive season, when more than half of the country’s major sweets manufacturing centers are being raided for adulteration in their stuff.

Did you know that such a statement can jeopardise your vote bank? Do you not see how attached are parents and students to them? Or do you simply think that Coaching Classes as an autonomy are a blot on the education system and hence the futile statement? I wonder what ran through your mind, But let me give you a glimpse of what kind of relationship the society and coaching classes share… Firstly, if you haven’t realised Coaching Classes are a byproduct of the flaws in the education system itself.

Recall how many students committed suicide in your days when they flunked or even scored less marks leaving them ineligible for admissions at pretigious institutions? Almost none? Why? Didn’t the students then didn’t want to make a good name for themselves and their families? So why has suddenly every parent been gripped by the mania of making their child stand in the line of toppers and rankers? The competition Kapil Sahab, the competition.
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