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Spend sometime with your thoughts.

The world is moving really fast, Thank you Technology! But there’s something much faster and you don’t really need technology to realize what it is! Your thoughts!

‘Nothing beats the speed of thought’ they say. The problem is holding on to one of them. They hit you everyday; on topics that know no boundaries. But then, they’re like stones, lying around everywhere. You don’t really bend down to pick one and shape it into something beautiful!

That’s because you’re too busy! And the number of thoughts that go through your mind is huge. By the time you start pondering over one of them, the enormous world outside, and sometimes your own mind, has already seeded another one into your head!

Holding on requires focusing our energies into it, playing around with it, moulding it like clay and delving into its depths.

With a little practice, you realize that the fun is in quality and not in the quantity. Polish one thought, just one, everyday and present it to somebody. It’s a gift that nothing in the world pars to it’s brilliance. And who knows? You might just get something better in return!

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