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Why I’d never buy an iPhone!

Please Note: If you're looking for something against Apple, Mac or 
any Apple product for that matter, 
please discontinue here itself. 
Others may read ahead! 🙂


My 23rd Birthday was the best birthday I’ve ever had, I’ll talk about it and the people who made it all happen sometime later though!

All this started with a super awesome sizzling chocolate brownie, something about which I had only heard of before that day! The occasion was perfect and so was ambiance! 

And of course! All this called for a photo session! A friend just popped up his iPhone and started clicking snaps. Now the quality of the pics was simply superb and I must admit my friend definitely has a spark for photography!

But hey wait! Wasn’t I supposed to be talking why I wouldn’t buy it? Its because I could never have the snaps, Nobody could. Why you ask? Because you cannot share music, videos and photographs on Bluetooth with an iPhone! Just imagine! It doesn’t end here! He had his cellphone formatted too! If at all he could save the pics to an SD card or something! Alas!

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