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Moto E is here! Micromax, Lava, Karbonn. Your move!

A couple of years ago, Motorola shut down its website & reduced operations in India Around the same time,  a new species of smartphones flooded our mobile markets. These were smartphones running on almost vanilla Android, sporting huge screens, beast-like specs, mediocre design and poor build quality. But despite being chunky, poorly designed, in fact being cheap rebranded chinese handsets, they sold like hot cakes!

The reason? They were affordable! In a market where most top guns brought out budget phones which really looked like budget phones, Indian players started pushing in these highly affordable smartphones which had high end specs (at least on paper). Names like Micromax, Lava, Xolo, Karbonn have become household names. But everything is changing since Feb 2014.

Motorola is back! Motorola proved that high quality smartphones can be affordable, and it continues to do so! First the Moto G, it brought Motorola back on the global map. The Moto X, a mid range contender which sets a new benchmark for smartness. And now? Welcome their youngest sibling the Moto E! 

Available for just Rs 6,999/- Moto E is definitely going make every other mobile manufacturer rethink all their strategies! Specially the Indian mobile manufacturers, who made hay on the belief that the indian customer considers price first and quality later.

So are you planning to buy a Moto E? What should the Indian companies do to stand in competition with such phones? Would love to hear your opinions!

Revenge – A 75 word story

This is an 80s concept of short fiction story writing. The theme for today is ‘Revenge’ Here’s my story,

India rejoiced as it spread its free wings for the first time that night. He was standing in the corner – smiling, silently reveling in his victory. His petite frame never felt so taut, never did his breath feel so light. Today, the last line in his journal entry was, “54 years back, they threw me out of a train. Today I have successfully thrown them out of their most prized colony.”
Hope you liked the story,
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Who moved my teachers?

I’ve been reading about Swami Vivekananda since a couple of days, and now I realize I have so more much to read apart from my course textbooks! In the introduction of Vivekananda, I read that he had been offered the chair of Eastern Philosophy at Harvard and a similar post at Columbia.

Honestly, It is really not very surprising that Vivekananda was offered this post. The fact that intrigues me is Harvard, which is a 376 year old university (Yes! WOW!), and similar universities have been taking initiatives to absorb great people since hundreds of years, whereas universities in India including our favorite IITs & IIMs are always at the mercy of ‘Visiting Faculties’ from the industries to come once a week and tut their students.

Apart from the IITs and IIMs, almost every other college is struggling to get a handful of teachers for each of there courses, and mind you we’re not talking about good teachers or bad teachers over here! I wonder what are the reasons for such deficiency?

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