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Socialise this festival, in real life!

Prepare yourself to be bombarded with spam texts, forwarded images (which people don’t even download) and those ‘feeling festive with someone and 30 other people’ statuses! Because? Diwali is here! And all this ‘festivity’ wears off as fast as it starts.

Diwali Wishes

Why not break this norm of expressing our glee in the digital world and actually go out to meet people? Now of course, it is not practical to meet everyone. Why not try a video call? If that’s not possible, try a voice call? Only after send in a handwritten, personalised message that states you wanted to wish them.

It not only shows you took the effort to actually greet them, but also makes you feel good about it. And isn’t a festival all about feeling good?

So here’s a flowchart to summarise:

Festival greetings flowchart

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