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Who moved my teachers?

I’ve been reading about Swami Vivekananda since a couple of days, and now I realize I have so more much to read apart from my course textbooks! In the introduction of Vivekananda, I read that he had been offered the chair of Eastern Philosophy at Harvard and a similar post at Columbia.

Honestly, It is really not very surprising that Vivekananda was offered this post. The fact that intrigues me is Harvard, which is a 376 year old university (Yes! WOW!), and similar universities have been taking initiatives to absorb great people since hundreds of years, whereas universities in India including our favorite IITs & IIMs are always at the mercy of ‘Visiting Faculties’ from the industries to come once a week and tut their students.

Apart from the IITs and IIMs, almost every other college is struggling to get a handful of teachers for each of there courses, and mind you we’re not talking about good teachers or bad teachers over here! I wonder what are the reasons for such deficiency?

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