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The importance of Today…

“Your honest attempt to bring smiles on their faces will always remain the reason for you to smile…”

This line shall always, always, be my motivation for taking up the clown’s role for Children’s Day Celebration at my Alma Mater, KC College NSS Unit’s Anandotsav… I never knew it would be so rewarding till the day of performance…

I still remember the first time, in 2008, I walked into our sports room filled with old aged ladies from ‘Home for the Elderly’, Their smiles and surprised faces seem so fresh in my memory… They clutched my arms and asked the photographer to click snaps, some even asked me to sing a song from ‘Mera naam Joker’… Thanked me, asked my name & told me they’d pray for all of us for making their day… That warm feeling sank in so well, making someone like me feel all butter… Not to mention the love showered by the kids, Life never felt so good… So relaxed, So happy that I could just forgive anyone in the world if he asked for it…

And that moment I resolved that, “This one day Vivek Todi shalt not miss as a chance to do good, no matter what.” Truly limitless happiness in one day…

How gender imbalance screws a class…

When a great friend forwarded an sms to me asking me to spread awareness to ‘Save the Girls, not the Tiger!’ I simply took it as one of those msgs as another forward chain started by some jobless idiot…

But in a few days I realized that gender imbalance can actually screw anything around it like hell!

Here’s what happens when girls are in serious minority in a classroom:

1> Most boys forget the existence of girls in the class and use whatever language & signs for communication 😀

2> In a day, Atleast one guy talks to his old friends and says this once, “Damn, no chicks in the class… Barren!”

3> Above Statement repeated atleast once in a group inside the class…

4> If the rest of the college has good looking girls… The class gets named as “Dharaavi” and rest of the college as “Town”

5> Boys have no one in the group who studies real hard and jots down word to word notes of each and every teacher without missing a lecture 🙂

6> There’s no chance of most boys ever talking directly to a girl till the end of the course…

7> Some wise guy always tries to make an impression on the good looking girls, living in constant optimism that he’s gonna be lucky real soon… While others sulk…

8> Talking to a girl is one of the biggest social crimes… and turn you into a public laughter matter…

Ehsaas hota kash tujhe… Aye Dost…

Shayar ki jaan uski shayari me hoti hai,
Dost tujh par aaj ek sher nisaar karta hoon…

Kash tujhe ehsaas hota,
Teri dosti se kitna pyar karta hoon…

Mehfil ki talaash me bhatak jaata hoon toh,
Tere hi sahare ka intezaar karta hoon…

Bhid bhari duniya me tanha paata hoon khud ko toh,
Tere hi saath ka deedar karta hoon…

Kash tujhe ehsaas hota,
Teri dosti se kitna pyar karta hoon…

Aitbar karta hoon Teri dosti ka,
Aaj khule aam tujhse yeh izhaar karta hoon…

Kash tujhe ehsaas hota mere dost!
Teri dosti se kitna pyar karta hoon…

Something for all those whom I loved at KC…

It started out as a feeling,
which then grew into a hope.
which then turned to a quiet thought
which then turned into a quiet word.
And then that word grew louder and louder, till it was a Battle Cry
I’ll come back, when you call me. No need to say goodbye.
Just because everything’s changing
dosent mean its never been this way before
All you can do is try to know who your friends are
as you head off to the war.
Pick a star on the dark horizon and follow the line
You’ll come back, when its over
No need to say goodbye
you’ll come back, when its over
no need to say goodbye
Now we’re back to the begining
Its just a feeling and no one knows yet
but just because they cant feel it too dosent mean that you have to forget
Let your memories grow stronger and stronger and stronger,
till they’re before your eyes.
You’ll come back when they call you
no need to say goodbye
You’ll come back when they call you
no need to say goodbye.

~Regina Spektor

>Something just came up my mind!


SY khatam! Yea baby!

Results on the 17th, ah well its gonna be a dreadful day.

When I look back at SY, there’s so much I’m gonna miss when I go to TY. SY brought me my greatest friends in college. It brought me the best opportunities in life! Well, i regret not studying Java perfectly. So TY’s on, board examination year. Time to take up studies seriously.

Well, its the time to take studies seriously now. By the way that does not mean I never took studies seriously. It’s just that I’ve gotta give studies the highest priority this year.

Its all about giving the right priorities. It’s all about the clarity of your thought process which gives you a clear picture of what you are and what you want to be. Once you know where you’re gonna head, you know you’re gonna hit the right spot.

Now one ought to know that setting up the wrong priorities in life can land u into deep shit! And then the pains taken up to clean that shit wastes a lotta time and energy. Well sometimes you have people to pull you outta the mess too, but its not everyday that you look behind you and find someone selflessly standing there to help you. The only persons who are always gonna be there are your parents and then your friends.

But its still a question for me that should I always pester my dad or my mom about the woes of life? Especially when there’s a lot of work pressure on papa and mummy’s unwell? No doubt, they’ll always be ready to help me out anywhere & everywhere! But I dunno!

Friends? Well, I must be the luckiest soul alive to have so many friends in ma life with whom I can share all my woes of my life. Anything that bothers me, will definitely bother ma pals if they know about it. And that’s why I call these guys the Gift of ma life… Though I always wanted a sibling, Destiny perhaps had something else in mind…

So much for today… Time to work with Java 🙂

>Report: Exams Day 1


Foundation course paper.
Venue : Room No 301, 8-10 am

Day 1 of the longest and the most perilous journey for the SYs @ KC (Second Year aKa my colleagues!). All of us are in the same classroom 301. Its our bad luck, I must say cuz 301 is one place where even the best guys cannot dare try to copy. The stepwise arrangement of the benches increases the visibility of any supervisor.

Everyone enters the room and finds not two but three supervisors! OK the usual stuff in the beginning, they ask us to keep the study material away and distribute the answer books. Everyone looks freaked out, the last minute tensions. Everyone is checking out who’s gonna be their partner for these 7 days of HELL.

And Here I am, the number on my desk reads, 88 & 99… OK 99 is me… Who in the world is 88! Bah I knew everybody in the class… Oh 88! There’s no 88 in my class! Maa kasam! I’m gonna sit be alone for the whole ride? Talk about being the lonesoul…

OK! The question papers are distributed, a couple of late comers enter after 5-10 mins.

I seriously didn’t even care to look at others for the first 5 mins. Scanning the whole paper, I found 2 (Yes T W O two!) questions which I knew thoroughly. I started off with my paper. Kartika is on the bench right across to my left.

5 mins later, Enter Dabholkar Sir! The general instructions about copying, cheating, using mobiles, etc etc. Aree sir! I forgot the answer I was writing! He conducted a random check of the students too! For the first time, I didn’t try and look around.

As soon as he left, I was completely blank. Looking around, Aditi is busy burning the papers. Amruta at my immediate back bench, writing. Kartika caught a glimpse of me looking around and smiled at me. Sanket next to Kartika made a weird expression at me and again got immersed into the paper. There at the other end of the classroom, Pallav & Manav on the same bench? WTF! Nirav just ahead of me is literally filling the paper!

OK coffee break’s over! Back to the paper. I just couldn’t stop laughing at myself as I wrote the paper. Wrote the first question. Back to the class.

Rahul is confused! He smiles at me & looks around. I’m astonished! Aditi smiled at me, and is still burning the paper. A couple of people took supplements! MADHURI!!! 7 pages in 20 minutes? Jeez I salute these people!

Another 20 minutes, I write half of the 2nd question. Love this POTA law man! Aditi asks for a supplement! Some girl asks for a 2nd supplement! I look at Kartika, Sanket, Dipesh… Sab likh rahe hain todi! Write the damn paper…

One of the supervisors distributed the threads used to tie up the answer papers together. Sir! You think half of the students are gonna use it today?

Its 5 past 9 Kedar gets up and gives the paper… I couldn’t control my laughter… Indranil is staring at Kedar as he left the class. Sanket looks at me, shrugs and writes.

OK I’ve written everything I knew well. Time for phekapheki! What do I know about role of NGOs in human rights eh?

OK I’m done, 20% of the class has left already?! Rupesh bhi gaya! Maa kasam!

Its just 9.20!! OK chill Todi, Others are writing. Still WRITING! Kitna likhoge? Wish I could control my laughter!

Kartika! Stop smiling and writing at the same time re! I get up. Hand the paper to the supervisor, and she asks me, why were you laughing all the time…

There wasn’t much to tell her, There wasn’t much to write in the paper too.

Next Computer Science Paper 1: Discrete mathematics.



Exams are coming!!! Run for your lives!!!

28th Feb is the DOOMSDAY!

Kya yaar! Achi khasi life ka kachra kar deti hai yeh exams.
Jannat jaisi college thi meri, Jahannoom banakar rakh diya hai.

Notes ke jugad me pura din chale jaata hai, Padhai hoti nahi,
Duniya bhar ke saare kaam yaad aane lagte hain, Magar padhai hoti nahi,

Maa kasam yeh exams!
Ekdum dimaag me chad gayi hain.

I hate these exams! Why do they have to turn up everytime in this lovely season?

A thousand hands for the success of one…

Where did I start? And where have I reached? There’s still a long way ahead… Even today, when I look back… I know I’ve walked a lot… Struggled, Fought my way through…

Fought my way through temptations, through lust & distractions. It’s been a great ride so far. Bumpy, full of twists, tonnes of turns… Its been splendid!

And all the credit goes to those who’ve supported me during the darkest days… My parents. I don’t know how to scale the gratification I have for them… Everything I achieve is my gift to them…

Apart from my parents… My loved one… Who stood by me, always… I know I could never give you quality time… Thanks for understanding everything… love u…

My college… Principal madam & Dabholkar sir for giving me that one chance!!(I need not mention when, They know it!!)

My teachers… Not just my dept teachers, But every teacher… They were the pillars of motivation to me… Somewhere inside… Thank you is just a word to express those feelings of gratefulness…

And my friends… Should I mention their names? Oh its a long list… No I won’t be tired to type their names out… But I’m pretty bad with my ROM… and I dun wanna miss anyone’s name out here… All I wanna say is that… Love you all guys! You’ve always been there for me every single time I needed you…

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