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Moto E is here! Micromax, Lava, Karbonn. Your move!

A couple of years ago, Motorola shut down its website & reduced operations in India Around the same time,  a new species of smartphones flooded our mobile markets. These were smartphones running on almost vanilla Android, sporting huge screens, beast-like specs, mediocre design and poor build quality. But despite being chunky, poorly designed, in fact being cheap rebranded chinese handsets, they sold like hot cakes!

The reason? They were affordable! In a market where most top guns brought out budget phones which really looked like budget phones, Indian players started pushing in these highly affordable smartphones which had high end specs (at least on paper). Names like Micromax, Lava, Xolo, Karbonn have become household names. But everything is changing since Feb 2014.

Motorola is back! Motorola proved that high quality smartphones can be affordable, and it continues to do so! First the Moto G, it brought Motorola back on the global map. The Moto X, a mid range contender which sets a new benchmark for smartness. And now? Welcome their youngest sibling the Moto E! 

Available for just Rs 6,999/- Moto E is definitely going make every other mobile manufacturer rethink all their strategies! Specially the Indian mobile manufacturers, who made hay on the belief that the indian customer considers price first and quality later.

So are you planning to buy a Moto E? What should the Indian companies do to stand in competition with such phones? Would love to hear your opinions!

Android is evolving with full force!

I sometimes marvel at the way Android has evolved! A couple of years back when I used my first Android phone (The beautiful Xperia SK17i), a fellow commuter in the local train was amazed when I showed him gesture based input on the keyboard.

For those who don’t know, gesture input allows you to slide your finger on the keyboard letter to letter and suggests words. It’s so accurate that I’m using it to type this post right now! Checkout the video below from 00:32 to witness gesture input.

This feature, however, is a couple of years old! Today, my latest Android (Moto X) lets me dictate things to it and types it out! Now of course, it needs a quite environment for really good accuracy!

I know iPhone has Siri. But even apple fanatics will accept that it really isn’t that robust! Though I’m yet to checkout Cortana on Windows Phone, I doubt it can beat Google Now!

With Android wear, Google glass and Project Ara coming up in some time, I can’t imagine how awesome everything is going to be!

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