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This is an 80s concept of short fiction story writing. The theme for today is ‘Humor’. Here’s my story,

“You’re only good at making people laugh at you, else you’re useless!”, mocked his friends. He was used to it now! Walking through the lockers, he could still hear their satirical humor about his looks.  Little did the fools know that they were the first of the world whom he entertained. Even though an MSc in electrical engineering, the world now acknowledges him as one of the top 50 comedians ever!

Hope you liked the story, everything except the last line is a work of fiction. I’m actually talking about a comedy icon in the last line, can you guess who he is?
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This is an 80s concept of short fiction story writing. The theme for today is ‘Around the corner’. Here’s my story,

“Oh granny, stop worrying! I’m just going to Mars!”, he said.

“Thats what I’m worried about dear!”, She sighed. She couldn’t stop
herself from wandering into memories where her grandfather narrated what it was like to be the first man to the moon.

And here she was, amidst technology which took man to distant galaxies
and brought him back safely – everyday.

Man’s long unaccomplished dream was now fulfilled. Mars was truly just around the corner.

Hope you liked the story,

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This is an 80s concept of short fiction story writing. The theme for today is ‘Revenge’ Here’s my story,

India rejoiced as it spread its free wings for the first time that night. He was standing in the corner – smiling, silently reveling in his victory. His petite frame never felt so taut, never did his breath feel so light. Today, the last line in his journal entry was, “54 years back, they threw me out of a train. Today I have successfully thrown them out of their most prized colony.”
Hope you liked the story,
If you’ve enjoyed the concept there are more stories right here

The world is moving really fast, Thank you Technology! But there’s something much faster and you don’t really need technology to realize what it is! Your thoughts!

‘Nothing beats the speed of thought’ they say. The problem is holding on to one of them. They hit you everyday; on topics that know no boundaries. But then, they’re like stones, lying around everywhere. You don’t really bend down to pick one and shape it into something beautiful!

That’s because you’re too busy! And the number of thoughts that go through your mind is huge. By the time you start pondering over one of them, the enormous world outside, and sometimes your own mind, has already seeded another one into your head!

Holding on requires focusing our energies into it, playing around with it, moulding it like clay and delving into its depths.

With a little practice, you realize that the fun is in quality and not in the quantity. Polish one thought, just one, everyday and present it to somebody. It’s a gift that nothing in the world pars to it’s brilliance. And who knows? You might just get something better in return!

They make my life colorful...

Itefaak se sahi,
Tujh jaisa dost har janam me naseeb ho!
Aansuon ka dariya bahe,
Ya khushiyon ki mehfil saje,
Dost mere, tu mere kareeb ho!


Chingari ko yun hawa na do! Sholay jag uthenge,
Awaaz ko yun dabane se yeh labz nahi thamenge!

Koshishen karlo hazaar, yeh haath kahan rukenge…
Kat jayenge lekin ab hum nahi jhukenge…

Shor na machayen toh sunayi kahan denge,
Aag ke bagaair hum dikhayi kahan denge…

Kitaaben nahi ab kalam uthayenge…
Jwala yeh dwand ki hum sabme jagayenge…

Kitni karoge koshish? Ab hum kahan rukenge?
Kat jayenge lekin ab hum nahi jhukenge…

Who moved my teachers?

I’ve been reading about Swami Vivekananda since a couple of days, and now I realize I have so more much to read apart from my course textbooks! In the introduction of Vivekananda, I read that he had been offered the chair of Eastern Philosophy at Harvard and a similar post at Columbia.

Honestly, It is really not very surprising that Vivekananda was offered this post. The fact that intrigues me is Harvard, which is a 376 year old university (Yes! WOW!), and similar universities have been taking initiatives to absorb great people since hundreds of years, whereas universities in India including our favorite IITs & IIMs are always at the mercy of ‘Visiting Faculties’ from the industries to come once a week and tut their students.

Apart from the IITs and IIMs, almost every other college is struggling to get a handful of teachers for each of there courses, and mind you we’re not talking about good teachers or bad teachers over here! I wonder what are the reasons for such deficiency?

Just when you thought of moving to Google Plus because of Facebook’s new (and newer) features, which were getting hard to cope up with, Mark Zuckerberg did it again! Most of you must now have heard about the ‘Facebook Timeline’… If you haven’t heard about it yet, I suggest you click here… Its the new social networking utility that tells you everything you’ve done on Facebook and describes your activity!

It’ll release on the 3rd of October this year… But for the impatient ones, here’s the link.

The overall experience of the Timeline is overwhelming. Its an attempt to share your details and arrange them in a chronology from the day you were born. Events, People you met, places you’ve been to! And it’s definitely going to keep you from moving on to Google Plus. Must Try!

A must read…

My Neighbor, Steve Jobs This article first appeared in Palo Alto Patch. My neighbor, Steve Jobs, has been in the news lately. The talk of the town is the recent announcement he will be stepping aside to let other seeds grow at Apple. The business press, the general press, the blogosphere, and just about everybody else has waxed poetic about the “greatest CEO of all time” saying that this “boy wonder” has shaped the very nature of our lives with his genius.  It’s all tru … Read More

via Lisen's "Blog" – An Angle of PrismWork

Please Note: If you're looking for something against Apple, Mac or 
any Apple product for that matter, 
please discontinue here itself. 
Others may read ahead! 🙂


My 23rd Birthday was the best birthday I’ve ever had, I’ll talk about it and the people who made it all happen sometime later though!

All this started with a super awesome sizzling chocolate brownie, something about which I had only heard of before that day! The occasion was perfect and so was ambiance! 

And of course! All this called for a photo session! A friend just popped up his iPhone and started clicking snaps. Now the quality of the pics was simply superb and I must admit my friend definitely has a spark for photography!

But hey wait! Wasn’t I supposed to be talking why I wouldn’t buy it? Its because I could never have the snaps, Nobody could. Why you ask? Because you cannot share music, videos and photographs on Bluetooth with an iPhone! Just imagine! It doesn’t end here! He had his cellphone formatted too! If at all he could save the pics to an SD card or something! Alas!

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