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Socialise this festival, in real life!

Prepare yourself to be bombarded with spam texts, forwarded images (which people don’t even download) and those ‘feeling festive with someone and 30 other people’ statuses! Because? Diwali is here! And all this ‘festivity’ wears off as fast as it starts.

Diwali Wishes

Why not break this norm of expressing our glee in the digital world and actually go out to meet people? Now of course, it is not practical to meet everyone. Why not try a video call? If that’s not possible, try a voice call? Only after send in a handwritten, personalised message that states you wanted to wish them.

It not only shows you took the effort to actually greet them, but also makes you feel good about it. And isn’t a festival all about feeling good?

So here’s a flowchart to summarise:

Festival greetings flowchart

The emperor strikes back, hard!

Just when you thought of moving to Google Plus because of Facebook’s new (and newer) features, which were getting hard to cope up with, Mark Zuckerberg did it again! Most of you must now have heard about the ‘Facebook Timeline’… If you haven’t heard about it yet, I suggest you click here… Its the new social networking utility that tells you everything you’ve done on Facebook and describes your activity!

It’ll release on the 3rd of October this year… But for the impatient ones, here’s the link.

The overall experience of the Timeline is overwhelming. Its an attempt to share your details and arrange them in a chronology from the day you were born. Events, People you met, places you’ve been to! And it’s definitely going to keep you from moving on to Google Plus. Must Try!

Why I’d never buy an iPhone!

Please Note: If you're looking for something against Apple, Mac or 
any Apple product for that matter, 
please discontinue here itself. 
Others may read ahead! 🙂


My 23rd Birthday was the best birthday I’ve ever had, I’ll talk about it and the people who made it all happen sometime later though!

All this started with a super awesome sizzling chocolate brownie, something about which I had only heard of before that day! The occasion was perfect and so was ambiance! 

And of course! All this called for a photo session! A friend just popped up his iPhone and started clicking snaps. Now the quality of the pics was simply superb and I must admit my friend definitely has a spark for photography!

But hey wait! Wasn’t I supposed to be talking why I wouldn’t buy it? Its because I could never have the snaps, Nobody could. Why you ask? Because you cannot share music, videos and photographs on Bluetooth with an iPhone! Just imagine! It doesn’t end here! He had his cellphone formatted too! If at all he could save the pics to an SD card or something! Alas!

Yes we can!

My friend, Santosh Pardeshi, just mailed me this and I thought its worth a read to everyone!

Sir Roger BannisterHave you heard of Roger Bannister? He was the first athlete to run the mile in less than four minutes.

In doing so, he not only broke the four-minute barrier, but also taught us all a valuable lesson.

Back in the 1950’s, the world record – 4 minutes 1.4 seconds – was held by Sweden’s Ginder Haegg. The record stood for several years since it was set in 1945. Athletes, experts and the world were convinced that it was impossible to run a mile in less than four minutes. Some even argued that the human body was biologically incapable of running the mile in less than four minutes!

And then, on 6th May, 1954, Roger Bannister did the impossible. He broke the four minute barrier, finishing the race in 3 minutes, 59.4 seconds.

Charles LandyHis rival – Charles Landy – had thrice run the mile in less than 4 minutes 2 seconds without breaching the 4 minute mark. The four minute barrier was “like a wall”, Landy had said. But guess what? Just 56 days after Bannister’s feat, Landy ran the mile in 3 minutes 57.9 seconds. And by 1957, 16 athletes around the world ran the mile in under 4 minutes. The 4 minute mental barrier was truly shattered!

What really happened? Did coaches get smarter and teach the athletes new techniques? Did running shoes get more sophisticated? Did bodies suddenly get stronger? No. The 4 minute barrier it turned out was not a physiological one – just a mental one! As Roger Bannister explained later, it seemed illogical that you could run a mile in 4 minutes and a bit, but not break 4 minutes. His mind refused to accept that barrier. That made all the difference.

Once that mental barrier was broken by Bannister, everyone believed it could be done! And once the belief changed, the rest was easy.

Henry FordIt’s important to understand that our achievements in life are limited not by what we can do, but by what we think we can do. More than ability, it’s our attitude that makes the difference. As Henry Ford said, “If you think you can, you can. And if you think you can’t, you are right”.

You will probably find your mind constantly grappling with two competing thoughts: ‘I can’t!’ and ‘I can!’ How do you ensure the ‘I can’ wins? How can we break our mental barrier of ‘I can’t’?

There was a man in Alaska who had a black dog and a white dog. His dog fights attracted large crowds. Every week people would bet on which dog would win. Sometimes the black dog won, and sometimes the white one. One lady noticed that no matter which dog won, the owner always bet on the right dog, and won each week. When the man retired the two dogs, the lady asked him the secret.

“Simple,” said the man. “I always bet on the dog I had been feeding all week.”

So whether ‘I can’t’ wins in your mind or ‘I can’, depends on which thought you are feeding!

Feed the ‘I can’ dog in your mind. The thought you feed, grows! Focus on your strengths, and they will grow. Or keep thinking of your weaknesses and your fears. And unfortunately they’ll grow too.

You won’t always find a Bannister to break your mental barrier. You need to do it yourself. Once you start feeding the ‘I can’ thought, you will achieve more than you ever thought was possible!

From the heart of the victim…

Prologue: I came up with these lines while writing for a poetry competition,though I never participated there. The desire to be different led me to this headline Daughter raped by father…

Jo sharir tera hi ansh hai, usi ki numaish kar baitha tu…
Aey manav kya kiya tune? Daanav bankar baitha tu…

Jhijak na uthi tere mann me jab mai chikhi thi chilaayi thi?
Tere aise roop ko dekhkar aankh meri jab bhar aayi thi?

Pehli baar jab uthaya tha god me, kya tab bhi aise hi muskaya tha?
Yeh ghinauna khel tera kya tab hi tune rachaya tha?

When you’re ‘nobody’ and wanna be a ‘somebody’ someday… Make sure you don’t become ‘anybody’

Don’t stop yourself!

Others can stop you temporarily, only you can do it permanently.

There’s a difference between you and me… You look for opportunities… I make my own…

Ignorance and acceptance are two qualities of our society that have led us to the loss of our ethics and values…

To love, To express & To commit are 3 totally different things!

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