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Vivek Todi is a computer science student, on paper. A teacher by passion, A gamer by hobby and an analyst by choice. Loves to lead the pack but believes he cannot lead alone. Loves to talk on anything and everything! Takes life rather too seriously, contradicting what his comrades may usually think about him. Believes in delivering the unexpected. Falters at his writing skills, but still wants to motivate people with it… Loves to influence and inspire people by working and writing good… And finds this place as the fittest for the latter…


Though I write daily – Once or twice a week, I take a break from routine to write something worthy to post here. I like to look at things in life and ponder upon them. Occasionally, I write poems in Hindi, my grandfather was a poet – he inspires a lot in my life. I love writing short fiction stories, they are a nice way to come up with nice imaginative scenarios! I love gadgets and the technology that runs them, I believe that if they’re used correctly they can amplify our productivity by many folds!

I’d love to hear from you! Compliment or criticism, both of them motivate me to outperform myself. Thank you!

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  1. amazing work always..:-) keep up the grt work..God bless u

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